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HASA Liquidator

FREE - HASA LiquidatorWhen you run our Pool Water Purification© System, you will receive a HASA Liquidator for only $180.00
Plus a $25.00

When you have us run our Pool Water Purification© System, you will get a $180.00 HASA Liquidator installed.

Plus +++ GET A
$25.00 REBATE!

The Liquidator is a non-electric automatic chlorinator that maintains a steady free chlorine level in your pool. It allows mineral salts and other dissolved solids to remain in the unit until disposed.

The unit helps reduce the amount of chemicals your pool needs, the poolwater stays in better condition and you save money.

Combine the HASA Liquidator with our Pool Water Purification© System and you will have a Sparkling Clean Pool!

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