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The bad water that we accumulate will be all that will go down the drain. There will be no more than 20% lost water that will go down the drain into our sewer system. This effluent water is used for turf irrigation (golf courses), and percolation / evaporation ponds.
By doing this we are helping keep your cost down, conserve our precious water and creating healthy pool water for your recreational enjoyment.
Creating Healthy Pool Water is at the heart of our newest innovation for our pool service. Conservation of water is vital to our future. It is cost effective and good for the environment.
We can enthusiastically say we will save you real money on your water bill. Our system will clean an average 12,000 - 13,000 gallons of pool water in 4-5 hours!
Similar to an Reverse Osmosis system under your sink, this is 100 times larger doing the same thing to the water in your pool. With 13 membranes that filter and clean the water, your tile will sparkle as we clean the water - no more acid wash, or hours of pumice scrubbing! Click here to view our video about the process.


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